Whether you’re a couple or single; a man, or a woman… 



You’re a powerful loving Woman, yet…

  • Are you in a relationship, and as much as you love your partner, does your mind wander during sex, maybe redoing your closet or thinking about work, as you secretly crave a deeper spiritual connection in the bedroom
  • Or, are you single, and you feel you’d rather stay celibate than be with another lover who rushes to the finish line, verses slowing down for just a few minutes to connect with your heart, eyes and soul?
  • Do you long to let go and more freely express the power of your sensuality, but you fear enticing unwanted advances from men or judgment from women, so you hold back?
  • Does your holding back show up by rounding your shoulders slightly out of protection; or by trying to appear more confident than you actually feel? …Or, you put on your don’t mess with me face?

You’re a King with a big heart, yet…

  • Are you in a relationship, and your partner’s been telling you that she’s too tired, has work to do, or is just not into it, as you ache for more touch, and the joy of giving her pleasure?
  • Are you secretly sad that when you do have sex with your Beloved, it feels more like she’s doing it just to make you happy, rather than for her own joy and fulfillment?
  • Or, are you single, and the Me Too Movement has left you confused on how to approach and connect with a woman without breaking these new unwritten rules… or you fear getting the don’t mess with me face?
  • Do you fantasize about meeting someone who you can share a deep connection with, who will be your safe haven, without judgement, trying to fix or change you?

Imagine this…

  • Imagine being in bed and feeling that divine electric connection flow between you.
  • Imagine after sex feeling more deeply spiritually connected than ever before.
  • Imagine instead of feeling rushed, your husband takes his sweet time, fully present, savoring your very essence, fully entering your heart and soul before your body.
  • Beautiful woman… imagine creating a solo pleasure practice that literally takes you to a whole new realm, that no guy ever has;
    The side benefit…. men notice you from across the super market, but without feeling like he’s undressing you with his eyes, rather spellbound by your radiance.
  • Beautiful man… imagine before you even say a word, women are drawn to you, wanting to connect, because they feel the power, safety and light of your Divine Masculine presence.
  • Beloveds, imagine you emanate a frequency that attracts a lover to you who is a match to your energy, meeting you where you are… conscious, attentive and giving.

Imagine all this…

  • Even if… your husband is more focused on the goal than the journey,
  • Even if… you only have 15 minutes to connect before the kids get home,
  • Even if… she just doesn’t seem that into it any more,
  • Even if… you feel resistance to a solo practice,
  • Even if… you’ve never fully loved your body,
  • Even if… you prefer to stay single,
  • Even if… your past relationships have not been the most positive experience.

(This program easily has a value of $1000.)



How we’ll make it happen…

You will have long term access to this Series, and it is designed so you can move through the content at your own pace.
It consists of a total of 12 videos, offered as…
~ The Foundation — The 5 Pillars of Deep Connection,
and 6 Modules.
Some of what you’ll receive in these modules is…


  • Receive gems of Sacred Sexual Wisdom.
  • Learn the Art of The Invitation… the 4th Sacred Law of Sexual Enlightenment, to merge your light body with your sexual body as we were designed to do.
  • Create your own Sacred Ceremony, to experience profound depth of connection with Divine Source, your partner and with self.
  • Discover the Divine Design of how your sexual life force energy, breath and spinal column are integrally connected. Learn to activate this connection, dramatically increasing fully body pleasure, vibrancy, and overall well-being.
  • Release Unhealthy Energetic Connections from past relationships that interfere with creating healthy connections in the present.
  • Integrate Jaitara’s signature Transformational Active Movement & Dance Meditation, into your spiritual practice, to connect and fall deeply in love with your body, exactly as it is right now… This is so powerful, playful and fun.

The Discover Your Sacred Lover Body Types™ Quiz and Video.

These Sacred Lover Body Types™ are based on the science of Ayurveda.
– The physical shape and qualities of each body type,
– The gifts and challenges of each body type,
– Their unique preferences in sexual expression,
– What Sacred Lover Body Types™ are most compatible with your primary.

Side effects may include…

  • Emanating more magnetic attraction,
  • Feeling more confident and alive,
  • Feeling your sexual energy as a source of healing,
  • Feeling more inspired with life,
  • Empowered in your manifestation and creativity,
  • Attracting more joyful connections, personally and professionally.

(This program easily has a value of $1000.)



My Guarantee…

I am devoted to providing you with everything you need to experience deep spiritual connection in sexual intimacy with or without a partner.
As long as you do your part and follow my mentorship as provided, I guarantee your results.

Much love,

The Deep Connection MasterClass Series™ is refundable within 24 hours after your purchase. After that, it is non-refundable. By making this purchase, you agree to these terms.

This Series is a Spiritual Mentorship program, sharing wisdom and techniques involving visualization, breath, meditation and dance.
There is no nudity in the videos and they are primarily audio instruction. This is not a program on ‘how to have sex’, nor does it involve instruction on sexual positions. This program is Spiritual Mentorship for the purpose of bringing spiritual alignment and emotional well-being into your relationship with your sexual expression with or without a  partner.

This program is appropriate for ages 18+.

This Series is delivered as pre-recorded video trainings, plus downloadable PDF’s, as well as a Private Facebook Group, offering individual support, with 3 Livestream interactive videos, where you can ask Jaitara your questions in real time.

Some of the information will vary depending on whether you are a couple, a single, masculine or feminine, therefore Jaitara has created multiple videos in some of the Modules to insure that you will receive what you need, regardless of your relationship status and sexual orientation. This program is for education, personal development and entertainment purposes. If you are experiencing extreme conflict in a relationship, or sexual dysfuction, we recommend that you consult the assistance of a professional therapist.

For questions about this program, or to connect with Jaitara for booking her to speak, email at: info@Jaitara.com